Executive Protection, Asset Security & Global Connectivity

Welcome to the Allied Artists Safety and Security Department website. We have designed this site to help you find useful information about our primary goal of maintaining safe and secure workplaces, including remote production locations. Should you have any questions, please contact our office at (626) 330-0600, Ext. 8702. In the event of an emergency, you should call 9-1-1 immediately.

To report any security related event, Click HERE to download an incident report.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Safety and Security Department is to ensure a safe and secure workplace environment, including remote production locations, in addition to keeping executives, talent and staff alike, safe during all phases of production-related activities.

The safety and security of all executives, talent and staff is our first responsibility, around the clock, when necessary. We employ dedicated security personnel – both trained specialists and off-duty police officers – for the prevention, intervention and resolution of incidents. All of our security staff are fluent in the use of Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) techniques and always use the lowest level of intervention necessary to resolve safety concerns – we always endeavor to speak peacefully to all those present, with an eye toward maintaining a calm and productive work environment. We provide foot and mobile patrols of all facilities and locations, as well as Executive Protection Details for talent and administrative staff. The Safety and Security Office works closely with local law enforcement, Fire Departments and first responders, to help prevent safety problems and to address any threats to life, liberty and property, should they arise. We are proud to do all we can to keep our executives, talent, staff, facilities, assets and locations safe and secure at all times.

Global Connectivity

Allied Artists is committed to providing secure and convenient connectivity for productions both locally and around the world. We offer secure high-speed production networks with robust bandwidth for the safe and efficient movement of our clients’ data to anywhere it is needed. This enables us to seamlessly integrate our sound mixing and ADR sessions with remote editorial locations throughout the world.

Protecting production clients’ data is of the utmost importance. Our facilities deploy a multi layered approach to providing protection from unauthorized access. We only use Post Production infrastructures that maintain current ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certifications. This ensures that our facility and staff comply with industry best practices for Information Security. Allied Artists also uses established industry standard tools for transferring, storing and securing your production data.

The Allied Artists’ Globally Distributed Network

The Allied Artists’ Global Content Distributed Network (CDN), built and managed by the world-renowned Sucuri team, enables high availability and redundancy of all online activities in the event of any network infrastructure failure.

Server Farms
San Jose, CA Washington, DC Singapore Dallas, TX São Paulo, Brazil Miami, FL Sydney, Australia Tokyo, Japan London, UK Frankfurt, Germany

San Jose, CA

Washington, DC


Dallas, TX

São Paulo, Brazil

Miami, FL

Sydney, Australia

Tokyo, Japan

London, UK

Frankfurt, Germany

The Allied Artists’ Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network (CDN) is a geographically distributed network of proxy servers and their data centers. Our robust CDN permits us to distribute service spatially relative to end-users, providing the highest availability and performance on the internet today.