Allied Artists International, Inc.

Over the years, ALLIED ARTISTS has produced and distributed thousands of films. Though it originally dealt with early talkies, soundtracks, and cartoons, the corporation is now involved in motion picture production and television for various studios, remaining active in musical and television productions, as well as music videos

Allied Artists has produced some truly memorable films, including Don Siegels paranoid masterpiece, Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Throughout the years, Allied Artists has released such award winning movies as Cabaret; Papillon; The Wild Geese; El Cid; The Pawnbroker; and such camp cult classics as The Blob, The Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman, and The Queen of Outer Space, to name just a few. Through the golden age of the low budgets, Allied Artists and Monogram Pictures were responsible for many iconic motion pictures.
By the early 1930's, only a handful of the independents had configured themselves into cheaper versions of the typical studio system. One of the most important was Monogram Pictures, originally located at 4516 Sunset Blvd., then relocated to 1040 N. Las Palmas Ave. In 1935, Monogram merged into Republic, becoming an independent company again a year later, and moving, once again, over to Sunset Drive and Hoover Street. Monogram thrived on the success of the Bowery Boys and the Cisco Kid, but under its designated movie subsidiary, Allied Artists.